“I assure you the training you will receive will prepare you as a professional in the thriving profession of hypnotism, far beyond what many other courses can offer.”

– Tom Nicoli

Tom Nicoli Hypnotherapist

Harvard Medical School wrote,

He is an expert in his field. He speaks of his field with a passion and has a true desire to better integrate the field of hypnotherapy and medicine. He opened many of the student’s minds to the possibility of the mind-body connection. Nicoli deals in a straightforward and honest manner. His presentation was thought-provoking, stimulating and made a large impression.

Multi award-winning, Board Certified Hypnotist, Certified Instructor, Certified Consultant and Personal Coach, Tom Nicoli, is an internationally published author, public speaker, trainer and innovator in the profession of hypnotism.

An internationally trained hypnotist, Tom’s training programs have helped people from every walk of life enter the rewarding profession of helping people as an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist (Hypnotherapist). And as a Certified Instructor Coach for the NGH, Tom hosts Mastermind calls to help other instructors improve their programs and techniques. Tom is also a member of the NGH Advisory Board.

A contributing author to a variety of publications and adjunct faculty member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Nicoli is a dynamic seminar leader and lecturer, with frequent expert guest appearances on television and radio programs worldwide including NBC News, Dateline NBC, Talk of the Town, The Jordan Rich Show and the popular Massachusetts cable television show Healthy Hypnosis. Tom Nicoli hosts his own local TV show on WCTV, Hypnosis for Better Living and owns and operates A Better You Hypnosis, Inc. in Woburn, MA and Salem, NH where he conducts private sessions. His vast clientele includes professional athletes, celebrities, and international royalty, from locations spanning the globe throughout the USA, Switzerland, Dubai, Europe and Canada.

Credentials & Training

  • Certified: Basic & Advanced Hypnotherapy – Seven States Hypnotherapy (NGH/National Guild of Hypnotists Approved Training)
  • Certified: Pediatric Hypnosis – Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis, Bridgeton, MO (NGH/National Guild of Hypnotists Approved Training)
  • Certified: Board Certified Hypnotist – UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences, London, England. (NGH/National Guild of Hypnotists Approved Training)
  • Certified: Hypnosis Instructor -UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences, London, England. (NGH/National Guild of Hypnotists Approved Training)
  • Certified: Professional Coach & Consultant – International Guild of Professional Coaches & Consultants
  • Certified: NLP Practitioner – National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming


  • 2013 WCTV Program Recognition Award for his TV show Hypnosis for Better Living
  • 2008 NGH Ormond McGill Award – Presenter of the Year
  • 2007 Member of NGH Advisory Board
  • 2007 Inducted into Order of Braid Council
  • 2007 NGH Hypnotism Media Award
  • 2005 NGH Special Recognition Award “for his valuable contribution to our profession with the inspired introduction of World Hypnotism Day.”
  • 2004 NGH Hypnotism Achievement Award
  • 2003 NGH Charles Tebbett’s Award

Publications Include

  • A Better You by Hypnosis
  • D.E.P.T.H. of Behavior – The Truth About Weight Loss
  • The HypnoGram
  • HypnoGenesis Magazine
  • Tee Time Golf Magazine
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Magazine
  • The Official Guide of Hypnotism
  • Contributing columnist for the NGH Journal of Hypnotism – The Consulting Hypnotist

Media Appearances and Publicity

  • Dateline NBC – NBC News Transcripts, Dateline NBC 4402 words, JOHN LARSON; KATIE COURIC, Losing It! The Ultimate Diet Challenge
  • The Boston Herald, ALL EDITIONS, Pg. 051, 428 words, By HEATHER V. ENG: LIGHTS OUT; Alternate Ways to Quit Cigarettes: More than Smoke and Mirrors
  • The Boston Herald You’re Getting Very Speedy (Woburn hypnotist helps teen swimmer cut his time)
  • NBC News Transcripts, Dateline NBC (7:00 PM ET) – NBC, 7818 words, JOHN LARSON Losing It! The Ultimate Diet Challenge; Dateline follows six dieters as they try different methods of weight loss before a high school reunion
  • Poughkeepsie Journal (Poughkeepsie, NY), Pg. 5C, 507 words, D.J. Reese Snap Into This Trance: Hypnosis Can Work For You
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  • Organic Style, June 1, 2005, No. 5, Vol. 5; Pg. 96 ; ISSN: 1530-7824, 2399 words, Rosenbaum, Lara Weight Loss Methods 25 Ways to Lost Fat Easily and Naturally! Weight Loss Methods) (Cover Feature)
  • NBC News Transcripts, Dateline NBC (10:00 PM ET) – 3110 words, JOHN LARSON Losing It! The Ultimate Diet Challenge: Update on diets of six Quincy High School grad

The Certification Hypnosis Training I received with Tom Nicoli was outstanding. My wife is a practicing NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist and was impressed with Tom’s additional material to the NGH Core Curriculum. It was educational, entertaining and inspiring. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn from one of the best, as a hypnotist and successful leader in the business and profession of hypnotism.

Steve Young

– Steve Young, CH